New Online Bingo Sites

At we rank and the list the top bingo sites in a number of different categories. As part of our ranking process we look at a range of factors such as the range of games available and the bonuses on offer, which helps us to determine which the very best options are.

It is these sites that we then recommend to our readers. A particularly important factor that we take into consideration is the reputation of a site, as we generally prefer to recommend places that have been around for a while and built up a solid reputation.

However, online bingo continues to grow in popularity and even though there are already hundreds of sites around there are new bingo sites launching all the time for UK players. We like to test these sites out and see what they have to offer. Although we typically advise to wait a while and see how they perform before giving them a go, every now and then a new site will open that really stands out as being particularly good. We feel we should let our readers know about such sites, and so we have compiled the following list. These are the best new bingo sites for 2013, and well worth trying out.

Why Play at a New Bingo Site?

With so many bingo sites around, and several of them being very popular with lots of players, you might wonder why you should bother with playing a new site. It’s a fair question, and most sites that launch probably don’t offer anything that you can’t get at one of the established sites that have already earned a good reputation. With that being said, if a site comes along that brings something new to the table or improves upon what is already available then they just might be worth playing at.

A lot of the best online bingo sites are regularly improving what they have to offer their customers, but it can still potentially get a little boring playing the same games at the same place all the time. Some of the new sites launch with exciting new games that are a lot of fun and this can be reason enough to give them a go. You might even find that the software or graphics are better than where you currently play, or that there are some innovative features. There may be a better range of side games, or bigger prizes on offer. Online bingo is evolving all the time and if a new site can provide you with an enhanced playing experience then it could be worth changing where you play.

Usually, when a new UK bingo site launches they know that they have to do something to stand out from the crowd in such a competitive market. An easy way for them to do this is to offer a really generous sign up bonus, and other promotions that provide extra value to players. Even if you are perfectly happy at your current site, it can be a good idea to try out somewhere new just to get the extra value available. That way, even if you don’t really like the new place you’ll have still got something out of it and can then easily go back to playing at your old site.

Are New Sites Safe?

Safety is the biggest concern that most players are likely to have about playing at a new site. It is entirely understandable that people feel more comfortable playing at sites that are well-established and, as we have already said, this is indeed normally would we would advise. There are plenty of reputable sites that have a good track record for looking after players and have proved that they are trustworthy. There are several reasons why it makes sense to play at such places, not least that you don’t have to worry about any online safety issues.

New online bingo sites should be automatically ignored though. It would take something special for us to advise playing somewhere new that is run by a group of people or a company that we have never heard of, but there are some new sites launched by operators that have already demonstrated that they know what they are doing and can be trusted. Very often, a reputable gambling firm that is known for operating a successful online casino, poker room or sportsbook will decide to move into online bingo too, and there would be no reason to think that their bingo section would be anything other than perfectly safe.

There are some great examples of this, such as William Hill for instance. William Hill is a huge name in bookmaking, with a chain of betting shops throughout the UK, and they already had an online casino and sports betting before launching William Hill Bingo. This was obviously a new bingo site at the time, but they had no problem attracting new players because they are so well known. Another case in point is 888, one of the best known names in online gambling. They had been running an online casino for many years before they opened 888 Bingo, which was quickly a big hit and very popular with bingo players.

So, in summary, you might well find that new bingo sites have plenty to offer. They can be perfectly safe to play at providing you are selective and stick to places that you know can be trusted. We carefully vet new bingo sites before adding them to our list on this page, and we only recommend those that we believe are reliable and worth trying out.