Strategy for Playing Online Bingo

In a lot of gambling games, there are certain decisions you can make during the game that can affect the outcome. In blackjack, for example, you can choose whether you want another card or whether you want to stick with what you have. Bingo is a game of pure chance though, and once you have bought your cards and the game has started there is nothing you can do to influence which numbers are called out.

As such, good bingo strategy is not about what you do during the games but about other factors that can influence how likely you are to win and how much. There is no such thing as a perfect strategy that will guarantee you win each and every time that you play you can certainly increase your chances of making money from playing online bingo. If you follow our tips below then you will have a better chance of winning money, get more value out of your play and ensure that you also have plenty of fun.

Play at Reputable Bingo Sites

We repeat this advice quite a lot at, but that is only because we believe it is so important. Playing at a reputable site is absolutely essential if you are going to get the most out of playing bingo online. By sticking to such sites you don’t really have to worry about safety issues and it will be much easier for you to deposit funds and, perhaps most importantly, you know you will be paid out any money that you do win.

The best bingo sites with the strongest reputations typically have the best selection of games and the widest range of stakes, which means you’ll always be able to find something that appeals to you and fits within your budget. These sites also tend to have the most players, and this usually means more prizes on offer. Generally speaking, it is the larger sites that have the biggest jackpots too, so there really are plenty of reasons for sticking to these places.

Take Advantage of Bonuses & Promotions

One of the easiest ways to boost your bingo bankroll is to take advantage of the many bonuses and promotions that are available at most sites. Virtually every site offers a sign up bonus to new customers and these are usually automatically credited to your account, so you can increase the funds you have to play with right from the very start. At most places you can get a load more extra value as an existing customer too, you just need to stay abreast of what promotions are being offered and make sure you take advantage of them.

For example if you are offered a reload bonus for making a deposit then, providing the terms and conditions are reasonably favourable, it is usually a good idea to make that deposit and get the extra funds. A lot of sites also offer regular free games to their active customers too, and you should always get involved in them if you can. Loyalty schemes, which reward players based on how much they play, can also be a great way to earn some extra money. Typically, bingo sites will have a web page where they list all their current and upcoming promotions, so try and take a look as often as you can and see what’s available. Customers are also usually sent promotional emails letting them know what’s happening, so keep an eye out for them too.

Play the Best Games

Clever game selection is a great way to improve your chances of winning money, and is something you have complete control over. At most places there are a huge amount of games running throughout the day, and a lot of players don’t really put a lot of thought into which ones they play. If you are prepared to spend a bit of time working out which games have the best value then you can put yourself at a bit of an advantage of everyone else. A good rule of thumb is to look for the games that have the biggest prizes, but this is not the only factor you should take into account.

You should also consider how the prizes available compare to the cost of entering the game, and also the number of players that are taking part. A game with a really big main prize on offer is not necessarily the best game to play if the bingo cards are really expensive and there are loads of players taking part. If you can find some games where the prizes are not massive, but are cheap to enter and don’t have many players, then these are usually well worth a go.

Manage your Money

Managing money, or bankroll management as it can be called, is not something bingo players tend to think about much as it is normally associated with serious sports bettors and poker players. You can certainly have a lot of fun playing bingo without worrying about managing your bankroll, but it is still worth thinking about. The basic rules of looking after your bankroll are to stick to games that you have the budget for, not to spend too much of your money on any one game, and not to chase your losses if you go on a bad run.

For example, let’s say you have a budget of £100 (or $100, or €100, whatever currency you are playing in) that you are prepared to spend in a month on playing bingo and you want that money to last you all month. It’s probably not a good idea to buy 10 £1 cards for each game that you play. You would be better off buying a couple of cards in the £1 games, or buying more cards in a cheaper game. This way you are less likely to lose your money quickly if luck is not on your side. If you do lose a few games in a row, you shouldn’t be tempted to start buying loads more cards or playing more expensive games in the hope that you will win all your money back. Just keep playing your normal stakes and you are bound to get a win at some point.

Use Auto-Daubing

If you plan on playing with more than one or two cards at a time, then you should really use the auto-daubing feature that most bingo sites offer. Although this takes a little bit of the realism, and possibly fun, of marking your own cards, it means that you are not going to miss any numbers that are called. With the auto-daubing feature turned on your cards will be automatically marked and you won’t miss a single number.

Keep an Eye on Chat

The social aspect of bingo is very much present at most sites, with most sites having very active and friendly chat rooms where the players can interact with each other. You will find a lot of these chat rooms have moderators that run additional chat games during, and between, the main games. It is well worth getting involved in these games as they are free to enter and you can get your hands on some decent extra prizes.