Picking a Bingo Site

If you are to get the most out of playing bingo online then it is absolutely essential that you pick the right bingo site to play at. There are literally hundreds of sites on the web so you have plenty of choice, but it is not necessarily easy to know which ones you should be playing at. While there are plenty of very good sites there are also plenty of average ones and, unfortunately, a fair few that are pretty bad.

Our best advice to anyone looking for somewhere to join would be to check out our top rated bingo sites section located on our homepage. Based on our own experiences and a great deal of research we have ranked the best sites in a number of different categories, and we have listed those in that section. You can be safe in the knowledge that all the sites we have listed meet very high standards and we are very comfortable recommending them.

However, we understand that you may prefer to do you own research and choose a site for yourself. If you do want to go this way, then we would suggest that you look carefully at what a site has to offer before going ahead and signing up. There are quite a few things that you should be taking into consideration, and we have provided more information on the most important of these below.

These are the some of the factors that we take into account ourselves when ranking sites and deciding which ones to recommend.


It could be argued that this is the single most important factor in choosing an online bingo site. If a site does most things very well but has a poor reputation for some reason or other then they should almost certainly be avoided. This is definitely the case if their bad reputation is to do with not paying customers out, or having security issues. It is important that your funds are safe at all times, and you should be able to rely on being paid out any money that you win.

This is why we generally recommend sticking to the large and well respected sites that have been around for a while and built up a solid reputation.  This way you can have complete peace of mind and know that you are very unlikely to encounter any problems. With that being said, occasionally there are some new bingo sites that enter the market that are well worth checking out. If the company behind a new operation has a good reputation themselves, then you can be relaxed about giving them a go.

Number of Players

It is a good idea to play somewhere where there are lots of players, for several reasons. For one thing, if somewhere does have a high number of players then it seems fair to assume that they are doing something right to keep their customers happy. Additionally, the prizes at sites with a large player base also tend to be much higher due to more people taking part in the games. This is particularly true at places that offer progressive jackpots.

A lot of players is also good if the social aspect of the game is important to you. More players will generally mean more people in the chat rooms, which means more opportunities to interact with others and maybe make some new friends. A strong community can really add to the enjoyment you get out playing online.


The quality of the software can vary quite dramatically between different bingo sites, and this is another factor that can have a big impact on your playing experience. Poorly designed software that is not very user friendly will detract greatly from the amount of fun you have, whereas good quality software that is easy to use and has good graphics will only enhance your entertainment.  The best places to play use really good software and are also constantly making upgrades and improvements.

Game Variety

Places that offer lots of different bingo games are bound to keep your attention for longer. This might not seem very important, but if you are playing quite a lot then it can get a little bit boring playing the same few games over and over again. It is a lot more exciting if there is a large selection of games to choose from. The best sites regularly add new games to ensure that you always have something new to try out.

Bonuses & Promotions

All bingo sites offer bonuses and promotions to new and existing players, and you should definitely look to take advantage of these as much as possible. You will find, though, that the value of these can vary significantly from one place to the next. If you want to get maximum value out of playing online then you should check out what is on offer and try and sign up somewhere that is generous when it comes to bonuses and promotions.

Deposit Methods

If you have a preferred method of depositing funds online, then you should take a look at the available deposit methods before making a decision about where to play. You’ll find that most places have a pretty good range of deposit options, but it is worth making sure that you only sign up at a site that is suitable for your own personal requirements.

Customer Support

The quality of the customer support available is a good indication of just how much a company cares about its customers, and of course decent support means that any problems you may encounter will be dealt with swiftly. Before you sign up somewhere, you should take a look to see what options there are for contacting support. There should be a telephone number that you can call for help and an email address you can send queries too. Some places even offer a live chat service. You could even choose to test the support out for yourself, to see how helpful the responses are.