Bingo Game Variations

One of the biggest advantages of playing bingo online is the massive array of different games that are offered by most bingo sites. At some places you will find literally hundreds of games you can play, and a good and varied selection makes for a lot more fun. There are far too many variations available for us to list them all here, but we have explained below how the four main types of bingo (30 ball, 75 ball, 80 ball and 90 ball) all work. We’ve also covered some of the other games that are typically available at most sites.

30 Ball Bingo

30 ball bingo is one of the least commonly offered types of games offered, and many of you may never have heard of it. It can also be known as speed bingo as it is a very quick form of the game due to there only being 30 balls in play. The cards consist of 9 numbers in a 3 x 3 grid, and the winner of a game is the first player to mark off all the numbers on their card. 30 ball bingo is rapidly increasing in popularity and is a great option if you like simple games that are played very quickly.

75 Ball Bingo

This is the most popular form of the game among players from North America, so you will find it on offer at all of the top US bingo sites. It has worldwide appeal too though, and 75 ball bingo games are usually available at most places. Cards in this game feature 24 numbers in a 5 x 5 grid, with the middle square being a free space. The five columns are labelled B, I, N, G and O, and every card is arranged so that each column contains only numbers within a certain range, as follows:

B: 1 - 15

I: 16 - 30

N: 31 - 45

G: 46 - 60

O: 61 - 75

Traditionally, the winner of a 75 ball bingo game is the first player to mark off a complete line of numbers – either 5 numbers on a horizontal or vertical line, or 4 numbers on a diagonal line. Online you will find that all kinds of different patterns can be required to win a prize, it just depends on the game you are playing.

80 Ball Bingo

Unlike 75 ball and 90 ball bingo, which originated in the live format of the game, 80 ball bingo is specifically an online variation of the game. It has become increasingly popular and games of this type can be found at most sites. The games are played using cards with a 4 x 4 grid, consisting of 16 numbers. These cards are also arranged so that only certain numbers appear in each column:

Column 1: 1 - 20

Column 2: 21 - 40

Column 3: 41 - 60

Column 4: 61 - 80

The winner of a game is the first player to mark off a specified pattern, which varies depending on which particular game you are playing. The required pattern might be a vertical line or horizontal line as in 75 ball bingo, but with only 4 numbers required these games are completed more quickly. There are loads of variations; some other required patterns include all 4 corners, 2 complete lines or a full house (every number marked off).

90 Ball Bingo

90 ball bingo is the traditional format of the game in Europe and Australia. It is usually the main type of bingo available at UK sites, although most places offer some versions of this game. Each bingo card has three rows and nine columns, with five numbers on each row for a total of 15 numbers. Each number is between 1 and 90 and typically players will buy six cards at a time, which means that they have all 90 numbers across all their cards and will have a hit for every number called.

Games of this type are normally divided into three rounds. The first round goes to the player that is first to mark off one complete horizontal line of numbers, who then wins a small portion of the prize fund. The second round, with a slightly larger prize, goes to the first player to mark off two complete horizontal lines. The third, and final, round is won by the player who marks off all numbers on their card first. This player will win the main prize of the game. As with the other main types of bingo mentioned, 90 ball bingo also has many variations and so the rules are not always exactly the same.

Jackpot Games, Chat Games & Side Games

We should also mention some of the other games that you will find at most sites. Jackpot games can be in the form of any of the types mentioned above, and these are basically just games where there is a particularly big prize which can only be won if certain conditions are meant. There are fixed jackpots, where the prize is a set amount of money, and progressive jackpots which increase over time until they are won.

Chat games are extra games that are organised in the chat rooms by the moderators. These come in a number of different formats and tend to be free to enter. The prizes are generally quite small, but they are a bit of fun and well worth taking part in. You’ll also find that most sites offer a selection of side games too, for when you fancy taking a break from bingo. These can include casino games such as blackjack or roulette, slot games, scratch cards and video poker. You can find more information on all these game types on the pages linked below.