Free Bingo Sites

One of the major attractions of online bingo is, of course, the prizes that are on offer. With more and more people playing the game online, there is more and more money being given away by the top bingo sites. However, the chance to win some money is not the only reason people play and there are those that just like playing the game for a bit of fun or enjoy the social aspect of bingo.

If you are one of the many people that like the idea of playing bingo online for entertainment purposes, but don’t really want to spend any money on doing so, then you’ll be pleased to know that there are options for doing so. We have compiled the following list of the best free bingo sites, and these all come highly recommended. Some of them offer no deposit bonuses so that you can try out the paid bingo games without using your own money, while some of them run regular games that are complete free to enter.

Why Play Free Bingo?

There are probably two main reasons why people want to play free online bingo, and we have already touched upon them both. Firstly, although many play the game for the chance to win prizes, bingo itself is good fun and some people do simply enjoy playing the game without worrying about what prizes are up for grabs. Free bingo gives people the chance to play the game for fun without having to spend money. At many free bingo sites, you can still win prizes too.

The second most common reason for wanting to play free bingo is the social side of the game. Long before online bingo came online, the games was very much considered a social game. Many players would treat a game as a chance to meet up with friends and have a chat more than anything, with the actual bingo just being part of the entertainment. The social side of bingo has continued in the online version, as most of the top rated bingo sites have active chat rooms and a real sense of community. Again, free bingo gives people the chance to enjoy the social aspect of the game without having to spend anything.

Types of Free Bingo

There are a few different types of free online bingo. Perhaps the most commonly available way to play online without any cost is to use free bingo bonuses that some sites offer. These are also often referred to as no deposit bonus sites, and are basically exactly what they sound like – bonuses that are completely free and don’t require a deposit.

They are typically given out as one time incentive for signing up at a site. Sites give out these bonuses as a way for new customers to try out their games at no cost, hoping that they will enjoy what’s on offer and then go on to make a deposit. However, you are under no obligation to deposit at any point, and you will usually even be able to withdraw anything that you win when playing with your bonus.

Some sites offer new customer free bingo cards for joining instead of bonus money. Essentially, this is exactly the same principle, in that you get to try out the bingo games on offer and see what you think. You are still not obliged to make a deposit, and will probably be eligible to keep any winnings. You may find that there are some limitations to the games you can play in – it is unlikely you will be able to enter jackpot games for example – but this is hardly a major problem.

A number of bingo sites also have a regular schedule of free games, often with many games taking place each day. At some sites there will be no prizes on offer in these games, they are simply running the games so that you can play for a bit of fun, while some places will give prizes away. Although they are often very low, you are still getting something for nothing. You should check the entry requirements for free games, as you may find that you have to have deposited at some point to be eligible. If you only want to play completely free games, then obviously these games will be no good for you.

If you want to play bingo online but really don’t want to spend any money, then the sites that we have listed on this page are perfect for you.  Not only can you play the game for free, but you might even win some money that you can either cash out or use to play the real money games. These sites are also a great place to start if you are new to online bingo but want to see what it is all about before depositing any money. If you do decide that real money play might be an option, make sure to head over to our homepage in order to find the very best real money bingo sites for UK players.